Is The Pirc Defense Suited For You?

If you like to have alternative defenses against 1.e4 and 1.d4, then you might give the Pirc a try.

The Pirc defence allows you to practice your patience and defending skills, for White will be able to develop his pieces easily.

In a lot of variations, if you're playing the black pieces, you'l have to defend for many moves. You may be able to strike back later on, provided you didn't lose in the early stage of the game.

The difficulty of defending with the Pirc is merely the lack of initiative.

I've played this defense for several years now and I managed to win some interesting games with it.

Ofcourse I also lost numerous times, but these losses where mostly caused by myself, mishandling the opening.

These lost games often brought me great disappointment at first. Sometimes even to the extent that I wanted to quit playing the Pirc for the rest of my life.

But later, studying were I went wrong, I often found the opening to be correct.

At 24 may 2012 I played the Pirc with the black pieces. This was in a match with our clubteam against another club.

The following position was reached.

I just delivered check with the rook. Now white has to decide where to put his king.

If he plays his King to the fourth row (Kf4, because otherwise I have Re4 check, winning the bishop) I intended to play Ra5.

This would keep the white King trapped at the bottom half of the board, while preventing the a6-pawn from reaching the Queening square.

The option to play the h-pawn to h6 or even h5 would be open, after which my King can join in the endgame, attacking the white pawns.

White might be able to get his pawns protected by the bishop, but in this scenario I figured I would have the best chances to win.

Now my opponent, after deep thought, decided to play something else. He played Kf6, going for the h-pawn.

This way, his king will end up at the edge of the board. It may be possible to keep it out of the action later on.

I will go for his h-pawn too. I just have to make sure his a-pawn can't promote somewhere in this process.

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