Chess Middlegame Ideas

The chess middlegame becomes much easier if you have some ideas to work with.

When does the chess middlegame start?

The middlegame starts where the opening finishes. As soon as one of the players has finished the development of his pieces and made his king safe. This player may then start attacking something in the enemy camp.

Some Middlegame Ideas

Trade your bishops for knights in closed positions.

Trade a knight for a bishop, winning the pair of bishops.

Trade your queen for two rooks.

Trade your rooks for a queen and one (or more) pawns.

Gain space.

Occupy open files with your rooks

Give your opponent an unfavourable pawn structure.

Make a positional sacrifice

Make an exchange sacrifice

Exert pressure on a certain target

Gain the initiative

If your opponent has the two Bishops, trade one.

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